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Who Am I ?

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Who Am I?

Hey! This is Kiran speaking!

Full time, I’m studying Biotechnology Engineering at UC San Diego, but in case you’re wondering, here are some other things I’m up to!

Reproductive Aging

I’m highly passionate about women’s health, specifically reproductive aging and menopause. I’m currently exploring the prospects of epigenetic clocks and serum hormone levels to diagnose and predict women’s health issues.

Technical Writer

I have really enjoyed doing technical writing at InsureTech & Longevity company FOXO Technologies, Skin Longevity Company OneSkin Technologies and UC San Diego Jacob’s School of Engineering.

The Dry Lab

As a Product Engineering Intern at FOXO Technologies, I have independently been developing a personalization system for longevity related lifestyle recommendations, using epigenetic, self-report and underwriting data.

UC San Diego
Biotechnology Engineering
School of Engineer
Engineering Writer
The Knowledge Society


Back Then & Right Now



  • CEO of CrossBow Miles Canada Inc.

    I'm the Founder and CEO of CrossBow Miles Canada: a movement inspiring Canadian youth to launch passion projects which help educate women and girl's in India. I head a team of 30 high school students. Together, we run monetarily and mission driven projects to fund building toilets in Indian schools. The lack of toilets in Indian schools is one of the primary reasons a young girls won't attend.

  • Founder of Matrea

    Warning: it's a moonshot. At Matrea, my co-founder and I are working to develop artificial wombs for external pregnancy. Childbirth is a miracle but it's imperfect, dangerous to both mother and child. At Matrea, we #MimicTheMiracle. Driven by our mission to bridge the biological inequality between the sexes, we're starting by developing breast milk alternatives, and giving 'extra womb time' to premature babies. Eventually, a Matrea womb will be a safer alternative to traditional pregnancy.


  • UC San Diego

    Currently in Electrical Engineering at this up and coming University, I aspire to join the Bioengineering Department under Biosystems Engineering, Biosystems Engineering is unique to this institution and essentially a bioelectronics engineering programming, providing in depth knowledge in brain computer interfaces, cognitive science and the nervous system. As I am extremely passionate about human augmentation and bioelectronics, this world renowned, hypercompetitive program was the obvious choice for me.

  • Personal Pursuits

    Learning should not be limited to the classroom. My curiousity has me reading research papers on topics ranging from anti-aging, quantum biology, to the hypothalamus! I've produced a number of articles and videos on these topics on Medium and YouTube.

My Skills


Gene Therapy
Java, HTML


Relentless Hustle

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Where Am I?

San Diego, USA.


Work: +619.673.3667